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WILLIE JINKS (The Hobby Man)

Willie Jinks was born in 1921 into a sharecropper family in Locust Grove, Georgia. As one of 13 children, he moved to Atlanta where he worked for the department of sanitation and began salvaging materials.
After retiring Jinks began creating images on the materials he had gathered during his working years. Those objects included doors, sheet metal, wood, paper, shoes, luggage, etc. His fascination with animals, nature, and mechanical things is visible throughout his artwork. He is most famous for his "Hoperman" ("Hobbyman") character who shows up in much of his work and the cryptic writing on most of his pieces.

Willies' Art is always flamboyant. His use of vivid colors and simplistic forms shout out to you. He does nothing low key, but lives life to the fullest. He is preoccupied with forms deplicting everyday perils. A fight with his wife,girl watching,birds attacking his home,and His "HOPY"(HOBBY)=Painting; are all part of his world. He refers to himself as "HOPYMAN" (HOBBYMAN). His narration depicts street talk and is written phonetically,which adds a mystery to his art.

Atlanta, Georgia

I am Loving Me
Felt pen on paper
I am Wilde Woman
Felt pen on paper
Aru Nam
Felt pen on paper