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Born 1965

Self taught outsider painter and sculptor...Have executed and sold or given away around 250-300 works to date to locations from France...Germany...Belgium and all across the USA. I do portraits..landscapes ...wildlife and abstracts as the mood strikes me. Watercolor...Oil...Acrylic...and Drawings...

I collected art for many years and only realized I could draw or had any talent about 10 years ago when I made myself sit in front of a photograph of Lucky Luciano and try to draw it...to my surprise I discovered i had natural talent that I never knew was there...kind of blew me away. Never know what you can do till you try.My main motivation for painting is my need to create and the desire to have a piece of me around long after I leave this planet...

Houston, Texas

Hill Country
Acrylic and graphite on paper (9"x12")