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Mark has been drawing and painting for over 28 years and he has won many awards for his drawings and paintings from various Art Shows. He has been in Multiple Galleries and his work is in Many Corporate and Private Collections Worldwide.

"I paint Street People, Outcasts, Night People, Strange Characters, and emotional or abusive situations from my past and others. I pull these things in from my environment and then filter them out through my paintings.

"My paintings are painted in an Eclectic, Expressionistic very Raw way and most hit a nerve. Even though I paint Pop Art, Landscapes and many venues of Art, I consider this to be my truest form of painting because I believe this is what molded my artistic sensibilities and made me who I am. This type of Art is not for everybody that is why I paint so many types of venues of Artwork. Because my main objective is to reach as many people as possible as an Artist"

Grand Junction, Colorado

Night Thugs
Acrylic on canvas board (8"x10")