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Kip Ramey is a true folk artist who pulls his inspiration from characters such as Mr. Ed Ramey. Ed was the buck dancing gas station attendant in the 1972 film Deliverance. Many of his so called canvases are often old barn boards, culvert pipes, rusted metal and things that others see as waste. He likes to give them purpose again and wants people to see the beauty in the imperfections. A lesson we could all learn. Each piece of Kip's work is truly original. While he admires the work of many of today's top folk artists, Kip stresses that he wants his art to be his own.

Describing Kip as civic-minded would be a gross understatement. He is involved in many projects at any given time, offering his time to many charitable organizations. From putting together an open mic night at the Promenade for the Arts in Mountain City to organizing a folk art festival in conjunction with Foxfire, his hands are in the mix. “I believe in working for the common good of the community and all people. I think we should spend more time lifting each other up and doing great things. We are blessed people and have much to be thankful for.” To view the work of Kip Ramey one can visit The Promenade for the Arts in Mountain City or find KMA Art on Facebook. If you attend area events that promote the arts you will more than likely encounter Kip Ramey.

Comer, Georgia

Flying Trumpeter
Acrylic and mixed media on thin plywood
Johnny Cash
Acrylic and mixed media on thin plywood