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I am a self-taught artist born and raised in California, USA. I began doing art in earnest after a car accident in 2006 put me on disability for a few years. My specialties are cats and people portraits.
I've done about 2000 artworks and unfortunately I did not keep a record of them all.
Portraits are normally so easy for me, but this work gave me fits - partly from the unusual lighting set up and the difficulty I had in getting the neck area “just right” (lots of laying down color, erasing, laying down color, erasing, repeat etc.) - some of which, no doubt also reflected my ambiguous feelings about my neck since my operation (did they TELL ME my neck was going to look like melting putty before the fact? O nooooo!)

Astacadero, California

Acrylic on cardboard
Man cafe dog
Pastel on cardboard
Acrylic on photo paper
Acrylic and marker on paper
Acrylic on photo paper
Selfie self #1
Acrylic on cardboard
Thyme garden
Acrylic on photo paper
Acrylic on photo paper