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I have no fond memories of childhood. One way or another my mother managed to destroy them all with actions, words, and usually both. Childhood is long over and I let any animosity I have for my mother go an equally long time ago. It is what it is and it just made me resolve to be supportive of my own kids. I definitely fine-tuned the art of finding a silver lining in any situation. I was thinking the other day, when I remember any event from being a young child, it's always in shades of red and brown in my mind's eye. I wonder why I don't just remember things in regular colors as they were. Clearly i was not living in a red and brown world. Weird. I believe every artwork tells a story, and so with every piece my collectors buy, I send them the story with it. I have thousands of stories in private collections. I'm a Southern girl transplanted to exotic Toledo Ohio... I talk with a twang and listen intently in all languages. I'm equal parts mom, artist and writer - shaken not stirred. Living happily with my partner in all things with our kids,cats, spoiled chihuaua, and tarantulas in our 100+-year old house.
Feel free !

Toledo, Ohio

No negativity
Acrylic and pen on cardboard
Perfectionist Man
Acrylic on vintage photo mounted on mat board sealed with varnish
vvvvwwAcrylic and collage on wood
wwwwwLung infection
wwwwwAcrylic on wood
wwwwwAcrylic and collage on wood
I quit my job!
Acrylic, pencil and pen on cardboard
Acrylic and pen on cardboard
Good life
Watercolor and pencil on cardboard
Watercolor, pencil and marker on cardboard
Meeting weird people
Acrylic and pen on cardboard