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JMS BELL (Joyce Bell )

The movement of Almighty God never ceases to amaze me. I am a 71 year old mother, grandmother and great grandmother, who recently resumed a pursuit of writing. And, as the description of my drawings indicates, because ebooks need covers and sometimes more, I have ventured to draw, something which I haven't done since childhood. Being an Christian, all of my works; books, articles, poetry and drawing, carry an inspirational message. my bio and my books along with other inspirations can be read and seen on authors den(one word), under jms bell.

If you see talent then I must let you know, I have no talent, it really is all God! To Him I give all the Praise and Glory! God is, of course, using me to draw those pictures.

Atlanta, Georgia

Sundown dreamer
Colored Pencil on paper
Once upon a time
Colored Pencil on paper
Preparing to dream
Colored Pencil on paper
Can we talk?
Colored Pencil on paper