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Artist, husband, friend, reader, simple life, walking, bicycling, running errands, chores, writer, memories, seeking health, enjoying, more art, more art.
Born March 13th, 1956 in Paris, France to American parents. I draw and painted since my was young. Self taught artist without formal training. in my youth I did hitchhike in through all united states in all, working as an agricultural laborer, picking oranges, cherries, strawberries. As an adult, i have worked an endless series of jobs out of labor pools, restaurants, construction labor, working as a common laborer. Currently does my artwork full time, having quit my last dishwashing job at the age of 50.

Tallahasee, Florida

Igers girls
Ink on cardboard
Eliquis girl
Acrylic on paper and collage on black paper
FastFood girl
Acrylic on paper
Purple girl
Acrylic on cardboard
Poster girl
Acrylic on paper and collage on black paper
Modigliani's Girls
Dozen Drawings after Modigliani Paintings on bags 8 1/2" x 5", Made with a Sharpie marker on a bag with Blue Acrylic Paint.