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The artist known as Jack Larson was an asocial, artistically inclined hermit with few close friends and no pets. Although he is "survived" by the entire living population of the planet, he often remarked that "since nobody actually survives it's really meaningless to consider any one person more or less dead than any other." He believed that "since death is what gives life context, death itself should be venerated as God."
He became increasingly obsessed with evil, not just human evil, but evil in the supernatural sense. He professed a literal belief in Hell which can be somewhat explained by an incident during his junior year of high-school when he was given a drink of "shroom-tea" on the school-bus en-route to a museum on a field trip. Augste Rodin's "La Porte de l'Enfer" (Gates of Hell) was on exhibit and the sight of it, enhanced as it was by the psilocybin, apparently made a strong impression upon Jack's expanded state of consciousness. His teacher is said to have remarked ,"Why is Jack just staring like that?" to which a student replied, "I think he's disappointed he couldn't actually walk through the gates to Hell." He never disclosed just what it was he saw in that sculpture(...)

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Zombie Heads
Acrylic on canvas