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GinaMarie Art

I have been an artist full time for 20 years. I was born 1961 (December) Many years ago I lived overseas a few years and yes I have visited France 3 times (smile). I live in Minnesota. I have lived in Minnesota for the past 18 years, however I was born and grew up in Long Island New York.

I actually started making collages more than 40 years ago because I used to write and publish much poetry and also would create "found" poetry and in the process of creating found spontaneous poems (I would cut words from magazines and create exciting poems), then I also began using collage images. (That was one aspect of my poetry I wrote many many kinds of poetry and in many voices) Later I moved to become visual artist and only used collage pieces I create by hand. Creating Art and poetry were equal passions, and equal exhilaration and obsession, and equally gratifying, however they use much different side of brain.
Creating art is my purpose and passion in life, from my very core.

Chanhassen, Minnesota

Acrylic and collage on paper
City of hope
Acrylic on paper
XXXXXXXXAcrylic on paper
Black Kitty cat
Acrylic and collage on paper
Acrylic on paper
Horse #343
Acrylic on paper
Red city
Acrylic on paper
XXXAbstract - red and black
XXXPolyptyque (tétraptique)- Acrylic on paper