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Primitive Art 1814

These two letter definitely tell a story. The first letter with the colorful folk art drawings of four people was written by a lady named Esther. She is writing to a friend in 1814. At the bottom she draws the MOST INCREDIBLE four people. Two females. Two males. Next to the pictures she writes "This is a friend". So these drawings are friends of hers that she wants her Penpal friend to see what they look like. (Life before cameras!! Gotta
love it!)
These drawings are so PRIMITIVE, FOLKY and REALLY FANTASTIC! They make me smile every time I look at them! EARLY PRIMITIVE TRUE FOLK ART DOESN'T GET much better than this!
The other letter is written by John Green who is writing to inform someone of a death. "Yes the race is over. The battle faut, the victory won..." he writes. This piece is not dated but is probably around the same time period as the other listed here, perhaps earlier. There's a part of a wax seal at the top of this letter. he too, adds drawings at the bottom. Both letters are rough but still very legible and the colors on the drawings are bright. These two letters were purchased at a New York collector.

Norwich, New York

aaaaPrimitive Art circa 1814
aaaaSigned Esther
aaaaPrimitive Art circa 19th century
aaaaSigned John Green