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Eric Legge has worked on painting images and honing his art at a determined pace throughout the years since the age of three. Eric was born in Decatur, Illinois but was raised by his mother in Valdosta, Georgia with his brother. While working at a developmental center there with the severe mentally and physically handicapped individuals, Eric developed a profound spiritual outlook on life as well as the urge to express himself seriously through making art.

Eric went to live in the mountains with his father Joe Legge, an artist who is a wood carver. The breathtaking beauty of the valley they overlook daily in rural northeast Georgia is an inspiration to them both. Their life revolves around creating art with what they can find while taking care of numerous stray creatures and trying to keep at least one vehicle mobile. Eric is viewed by others as being "like a Buddha", a "holy man", "universally spiritually in tune".

Valdosta, Georgia

aaTwo faces - (circa 1998)
Acrylic on thin plywood (8"x8")