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"I start a picture and I finish it. I don't think about art while I work. I try to think about life."
-Jean-Michel Basquiat


About the collection

The collector lives surrounded by artists' works, at his home, quite selfishly, behind his door. He protects his collection, on his walls, in the art folders, he keeps and watches over his treasure.
Since a collection has to be shared, I assembled on this website several different artists that I am proud to present. This collection continues to expand. It is also meant to be widely seen in different places, to wander, to travel. The publication of a book is also planned to make known this collection US Outsider Art.

A true collection is an encounter between the artist and the collector - a field of vision opens up, you feel like a pioneer, a gold digger, a can opener for humanity. A mystery that becomes visible, a pathway that leads to the unknown, you enter into every human being with respect, you discover his life, you approach his soul, you dive into the beautiful. No more role play, no more separation between the artist and the collector, you shortcircuit the trodden paths, the pulse of the works becomes palpable, the emotion that they radiate accompanies you day and night. The works speak and reveal themselves. Like when you reread a book, you never arrive at the end.

Happiness is not in the possession, a collection is nothing without the fire of passion that it ignites in you. These Outsiders changed my life, they offered me an other view on the "human". Their parallel world, oftentimes destructured and imbued with a great generosity, makes my vision on the world less nauseous. The works of Outsiders are a window on the innocence, on the "good" there is in each one of us.

Why this collection

As a photographer I have always been interested in people. Taking a picture is a bit like stealing a life, capturing a soul, kidnapping a story, their stories. After many photo reports in psychiatric facilities I naturally came to meet out of the ordinary patients, many of which were artists. That is how I discovered the art brut, first of all the art of insanity and then the art of all other - autodidacts, passionate persons that hold a pencil, a brush, a feather as their fingers. I wanted to move forward into that discovery. I went through Dubuffet, Wölfli, Aloïse, Soutter, Chaissac and many others.
I fell in love. That is as a lover that I have started to acquire original works. I began with French, Belgian, Swiss and Russian artists, and then, along the way, I discovered that the art brut, the art singulier far exceeds the European borders.
While travelling through the United States I had the chance to acquire a few works of Outsiders. Back in France I had no choice but to continue - the adventure took possession of me. This collection continues to grow, to be enhanced with new artists, informed by the magic of our exchanges. The thousands of miles are nothing compared to the density of the unique, rare, surprising friendships. No more time zones, no more language barriers, it is all about a dialogue when everyone opens up with grace and sincerity.


with Chuck Greatrex @MP studio