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I'm a Southern folk painter with a pop art mentality. That in itself makes me an outsider. I paint beaches, beer, and political satire. The valve of my work is in the idea and not the art itself. Most of my work is acrylic on 8 inch X 10 inch canvas board. My political satire is aimed at both the left and right.

I'm retired, over sixty, happily married, and in my right mind. My favorite painters at this time include Jules Muck, Kim Roberti, and Denny Pinkham.

Washington, North Carolina

As the republicans gear up for 2016 lets take a look at the far right
and the not so far right and the far out.
Acrylic on canvas board
Hillary Clinton
When you are the frontrunner you keep your eye on everyone.
Acrylic on canvas board
Obama VS Warren
He said, she said. You usually don't see liberals argue. Sometimes it's about the money and sometimes it's about the bling.
Acrylic on canvas board
Obama (diptych)
Folks we got a problem and too many people are looking at the extremes. Two schools of thought, two points of view.
Acrylic on canvas board